Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sapo Tahu (Tofu)

Cooking Adventures: Sapo Tahu (Tofu)

2 garlic
250 g chicken fillet
250 g shrimp
250 g Tofu
250 g Mushroom
250 g Brocolli
3 tbs Maizena
2 tablespoon oil.
Sugar, salt, oyster sauce and sesame oil to taste.

Cooking Adventures Guide:

Clear all materials.
Cut Tofu into several parts and fry until golden yellow color.
Cut the chicken fillet into several smaller parts.
For the broccoli into several parts.
Press the garlic.
Heat 2 tablespoon oil, and enter garlic.
Add the chicken, shrimp, and cook until chicken and shrimp to be cooked.
Add a little stock, enter the mushroom.
Cook several minutes.
Last enter broccoli and tofu that has been fried.
Add salt, sugar, oyster sauce and sesame oil to taste.
Add maizena, mix until the sauce is quite jell.
Serve hot.

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