Monday, January 26, 2009

Cooking Recipes: Pepes Tongkol Recipes

Cooking Recipes : Pepes Tongkol Recipes

Ingredients For Pepes Tongkol Recipes

6 pieces of tongkol
3 garlic
4 tomatoes
3 red chilli
Basil (Kemangi)
Blimbing wuluh
Salt and sugar to taste
Banana leaves for wrapping

Cooking Recipes Guide - How to make Pepes Tongkol Recipes

Make flavor:
Garlic, tomatoes and chilli are mashed. Add salt and sugar to taste.
Cut blimbing wuluh into some pieces.
Take 1 sheet of banana leaf.
Take in one tablespoon of spice, add 2 pieces of tongkol above, take in some of the ingredients again. Add blimbing wuluh and basil.
Fold and make a banana leaf, with pin lidi.
Repeat until have no tongkol and flavor.
Steam about 10 minutes, take out.
Roast about 3 minutes.
Pepes tongkol is ready to serve.

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