Monday, January 26, 2009

Cooking Recipes: Fried Gurami (Gurami Goreng) Recipes

Cooking Recipes : Fried Gurami (Gurami Goreng) Recipes

Ingredients For Fried  Gurami (Gurami Goreng) Recipes

1 Gurami
2 garlics
1 teaspoon of coriander (ketumbar)
Vegetables like: spinach, cabbage, long beans and cucumber.
2 Tomatoes
3 chilli
Terasi, salt and sugar to taste

Cooking Recipes Guide - How to make Fried  Gurami (Gurami Goreng) Recipes:
First, clean and slice-slice gurami.
All ingredients ( garlic, salt and coriander) mashed .
Put in the gurami, left for a few minutes.
Heat the oil, take the gurami.
Cook until cooked gurami and the color is golden yellow. Take out the gurami.

Make sambal terasi:
Mixed tomatoes, chilli, paste, salt and sugar, mashed.
Now, fried gurami is ready to serve with warm rice and sambal terasi.

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