Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lodeh Campur

Cooking Adventures: Lodeh Campur


½ coconuts

3 cups of water

3 garlic

5 onions

1 red chili

2 cm kunyit

2 kemiri

1 tablespoon of ketumbar

Terasi, salt and sugar to taste

Vegetables like:beans, cabbages, nightshade, and pumpkin

Tempe and tahu

Cooking Adventures Guide:

First, rasp coconuts, add the water, and press. Take in coconut milk.

Cut the Tempe and tahu into quarter pieces.

Cut the vegetables into some pieces.

Mix garlic, onions, chili, kunyit, kemiri, ketumbar, and terasi, and then refine them.

Boil water in the pan, add tempe, tahu, vegetables and the mixture of ingredients, wait in few minutes, add the coconut milk, add salt and sugar to taste.

Boil Lodeh in a little fire and stir it. Lodeh campur is ready to serve.

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