Monday, October 5, 2015

Sweet Cheese Croquette Recipes

Cooking Recipes :  Sweet Cheese Croquette Recipes

Ingredients For Sweet Cheese Croquette Recipes :
100 g potato flour / flakes
1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk
50 g cheese, grated.
1/4 tsp salt
Hot water
1 piece of egg, beaten

Cooking Recipes Guide - How to make Sweet Cheese Croquette Recipes :

1. Pour potato starch with enough hot water so the dough until potatoes are smooth. Do not get too mushy.
2. Mix the condensed milk, grated cheese and salt and stir well.
3. Form into small oval, dip into beaten eggs.
4. Roll into flour panir orange color
5. Fry until golden brown

It is sweet and savory. Hhhmm... yummy !
This recipes is simple and I think your children will like this croquette, the same with my kids.

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