Sunday, July 18, 2010

Indonesian Food : Rawon

Cooking Adventures: Rawon (Indonesian black beef soup)
Rawon is one of traditional indonesian food, consists of special spicy beef soup because of containing keluwek (fruits of kepayang tree used as a spice). Rawon known as the east java traditional beef soup and special food from East java Surabaya, Indonesia. The special dark or black color of rawon comes from keluwek as prime spice. It is served with warm rice, completed with small bean sprouts, leek, shrimps crackers, salted eggs , tempe and sambal.

Rawon recipe for up to 3-4 Servings:
10 cups water
500 gr Beef Sandung lamur
20 gr Garlic
20 gr Shallot
5 gr Red Chilli
5 gr Lemon Grass
3 gr Ginger
2 gr Turmeric
10 gr Coriander powder
3 gr Candlenut
3 gr Galangal
3 g cumin
50gr Keluwek
White Pepper Powder
White Sugar
Vegetables oil

Cooking Adventures Guide:
1.Clean beef and boil it with 10 cups water for about 25 minutes until tender, remove and cut into small pieces.
2.Grind all the ingredients above except beef, water, serai and galangale then sauté at higher temperature. Put grinded spice into boiling beef, add serai and galangale.
3.Season with coriander powder, cumin, salt and sugar according to taste.
4.Cook over low heat, wait until boiling again until beef becomes welldone.
5.Serve in hot. Serve warm with tempe, bean sprouts, sambal, shrimps cracker and salted eggs.

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