Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beef Steak for Children

Cooking Adventures: Beef Steak For Children

I made this steak for the children, they like beefsteak which sliced thin. That will be easier for them to eat.

1 / 4 kg of meat in tenderloin
2 garlic
little nutmeg (pala)
little BBQ sauce
adequate salt and sweet soy sauce

Material sauce:
Bbq sauce
some of water
sweet soy sauce
oyster sauce
corn flour (maizena)

Cooking Adventures Guides:
Cut Beefsteak in tiny slices, hair-pin with a fork.
Prepare spices: blend garlic, a little nutmeg, and salt. Add sweet soy sauce and bbq sauce to taste.
Put in steak with all the spices, leave for 30 minutes, longer is better. Roast a few minutes until cooked and tender.

Make sauce:
Heat 1 tablespoon margarine, one cup water, add the soy sauce, and oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce and sugar adequate. Add a little corn flour, cooking until set.
Flush with the steak sauce is still hot. Serve with extra fried potatoes and vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn and bean.

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