Friday, September 19, 2008

Pecek Tempe

Cooking Adventures: Pecek Tempe

Pecek tempe is one of Indonesian food that I like to eat. Many people in Indonesia very like with sambal. Here tempe is mixed with sambal, and we call it Pecek tempe. Hmm it is hot, but nice to eat.

250 gr tempe
2 tomato
3 little chili
1 teaspoon of terasi
salt and sugar to taste
little kemangi vegetables
Oil to fry

Cooking Adventures Guide:
First, cut tempe into some pieces, and fry it.
Cut the tomato and chili into some pieces.
Heat one teaspoon of oil, then take in tomato and chili. Add one teaspoon of terasi, fry in few minutes. Take them in cobek and refine them, add sugar and salt to taste. Sambal is ready now. Then add fry tempe and press it in sambal, mix them. Add kemangi if you like. Pecek tempe is ready to serve.

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