Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ketchup Chicken

Cooking Adventures: Ketchup Chicken


½ kg chicken


3 piece of garlic

3 tablespoon of ketchup

Salt and sugar to taste

2 tablespoon of oil to fry

Cooking Adventures Guide:

First, wash the chicken until chicken clean. Cut the chicken into some pieces, it is depends your favorite.

Boil the eggs until ripe.

Boil the water, and then take in the chicken in the boil water. Cook until the chicken done.

Cut the garlic into small pieces.

Heat the oil (2 tablespoon), add the garlic, add the ripe chicken, add eggs, add the chicken decoction, add the ketchup, add salt and sugar to taste.

Cook until there is a little water, stop cooking. But if you want to fry the chicken, cook until there is no water, and then fry the chicken in hot oil, just in a few minute.

Ketchup chicken is ready to serve.

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