Friday, August 22, 2008

Dadar Jagung

Cooking Adventures: Dadar Jagung

Dadar jagung is Indonesian food, many people like this food, it’s better served with Sayur Bayam. I’ve read in Jawa Pos newspaper, that Christine Bagnall, native speaker from San Francisco, United States, is an English First (EF) teacher in my town, for the first time come to Indonesia, she eat Dadar Jagung and she very like this food. The first Indonesia vocabulary that she want to be able to speak is Dadar Jagung. This is the recipe.


1 egg

2 piece garlic

2 sweet corn,

Sugar and salt to taste

1 cm kunci

3 spoon of wheat powder

Oil to fry

Cooking Adventures Guide:

Sweet corn is refined, or cut off into a small pieces. Mix with egg, kunci, sugar, salt and wheat. Get one spoonful , fry until the colour is golden brown. Serve with Sayur Bayam.

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