Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Cooking Adventures: LOBSTER SOUP


3 large lobsters or 6 small ones

The crumb of a French roll

2 anchovies

1 onion

1 small bunch of sweet herbs

1 strip of lemon-peel

2 oz. of butter

A little nutmeg

1 teaspoonful of flour

1 pint of cream

1 pint of milk; force meat balls, mace, salt and pepper to taste, bread crumbs

1 egg

2 quarts of water

Cooking Adventures Guides:

First, pick the meat from the lobsters, and beat the fins, chine, and small claws in a mortar, previously taking away the brown fin and the bag in the head. Put it in a stew pan, with the crumb of the roll, anchovies, onions, herbs, lemon-peel, and the water; simmer gently till all the goodness is extracted, and strain it off. After that, pound the spawn in a mortar, with the butter, nutmeg, and flour, and mix with it the cream and milk. Give one boil up, at the same time adding the tails cut in pieces. Then, make the forcemeat balls with the remainder of the lobster, seasoned with mace, pepper, and salt, adding a little flour, and a few bread crumbs; moisten them with the egg, heat them in the soup, and serve.

Time needed is 2 hours, or rather more.

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